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Armordillo is the third Legendary dragon, and the first of them to receive its own update. His name is a portmanteau of armor and armadillo, referring to the fact that armadillos have armor plates to protect themselves. His overall playstyle relays on tanking hits and dominating large enemies with his roll special attack. His Roll attack will shoot and bounce Armordillo around like a pinball while spinning and shoot damaging spikes in many directions.



Legendary dragons earn new abilities according to their main power as they level up. They also advance on Size tiers as they are improved.

Level 6[]

Arm power 1.png

Costs 10 Gems to unlock this level. Bounces off mines when rolling.

Level 11[]


Can equip 2 pets and receives a 4x multiplier during Fire Rush.

Level 17[]

Arm power 2.png

Costs 40 Gems to unlock this level. Shoots spines at all directions when rolling stops.

Level 22[]


Can equip 3 pets and receives a 5x multiplier during Fire Rush.

Level 28[]

Arm power 2.png

Costs 60 Gems to unlock this level. Shoots a huge spine while rolling.

Level 33[]


Can equip 4 pets and 6x multiplier during Fire Rush.


  • All xS, S, M, L, xL, and xxL tier prey.

Breakable obstacles[]

  • Wooden barriers
  • Bone barriers
  • Metal barriers
  • Ancient barriers
  • Ice walls (using fire rush)


  • Immune to mines when rolling
  • Can travel far underwater for no energy cost when rolling
  • Fast
  • Easy to rack up points


  • Massive health drain
  • Slow without fire rush
  • Difficult to collect gold