Birds are a very common and variated type of prey. They spawn at almost in every location in exception of some of them, birds also spawn in flocks and near each other.

Small birdsEdit

Can be eaten by any Size Tier dragon.They're the most common type of bird ingame and can spawn almost anywhere except at heavily closed areas such as the Shadow Caves. Small birds include:

  • Canaries
  • Red birds
  • Blue birds
  • Paradise birds
  • Crows

Behaviour Edit

Small birds, like most prey, will flee when approached. When no threat is present, they fly around aimlessly and in groups. When threatened, they scatter.

Birds of preyEdit

This kind of bird acts just like the other birds,in exception of Eagles that attack and Dodge dragons attempting to eat them. They mostly spawn away from each other and at high/medium altitudes. Owls spawn in caves and can Dodge attacks. Vultures spawn mostly in The Cemetery.

  • Owls
  • Vultures
  • Eagles

Behaviour Edit

Like small birds, these birds will fly aimlessly and in groups with the exception of owls and eagles. Vultures fly in flocks a little bit more apart from each other.


This type of bird can be eaten by M size Tier dragons and bigger dragons. They will hurt any small dragon trying to eat them and sX, S Size tiers dragons are unable to eat them, getting hurt in the process. They mostly spawn at Frog Falls and other water locations.


Like the name suggests,they inflate when something tries to eat them. Pufferbirds can only be eaten by M size Tier dragons or better and spawn in medium flocks.

Trivia Edit

Pufferbirds resemble the Pufferfish from Hungry Shark.

Lionbirds resemble the lionfish from hungry shark.

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