"Reckless, brave and ferocious... a natural leader"


Blaze is the first L Tier dragon and also the face of Hungry Dragon. He's a strong and big dragon,able to quickly eat prey and take down goblin airships,enemy dragons and trolls quickly. Blaze has 4 available costumes: Dragonborn, Jalapeno, Robin Hood and Reaper and He's bit bigger than Zhé Long.


Blaze is a rust colored dragon with a white underbelly. He have black spikes along their spine and some small yellow spikes on his arms and legs. His tail and horns are yellow-tipped looks like a fire and his eyes are composed by yellow sclera and green iris,with a black slit pupil.



  • xS tier prey
  • S tier prey
  • M tier prey
  • Blue ghosts
  • Blue dragons

Breakable ObstaclesEdit

Metal barriers


  • Quickly activates Fire Rush
  • Can bring up to four pets
  • Very big health bar
  • Decent amount of stamina
  • Good range
  • Eats prey quickly


  • Fast health drain
  • Relatively slow compared to other dragons
  • Easily hit by mines
  • High cost,requires days of grinding until affordable
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