"Colossal strength, with a mean attitude and a tiny brain."

- In-game description


Dante is the second L tier dragon. His range is slightly bigger than Blaze's, but triggering Fire Rush is slower. However, Dante's Fire Rush lasts longer. His model can cause lag spikes because of the extra particles and glow effects.

His name and appearance is a reference to Dante’s Inferno, where a man goes through Hell.


Dante is a dragon whose appearance is based off fire and volcanoes. He has a large, bright yellow glowing underbelly and the upper side of him is charcoal. Dante has a small snout and large back legs, and the tip of his tail is noticeably brighter than the rest of his body. Dante has a row of bright red spikes running down his back and a large section of his back has been torn off, revealing bones and glowing flesh.



  • M Tier prey
  • Blue ghosts
  • Blue dragons

Breakable obstaclesEdit

  • Wooden barriers
  • Bone Barriers
  • Steel Barriers


  • Good health
  • Longer Fire Rush


  • Slow
  • High health drain
  • His large body makes it difficult to maneuver around obstacles like mines
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