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"The dragon offer you can't refuse!"


Don Drago was the first M Tier dragon. He has a good range and can eat faster than Sparks, but is very slow. Don Drago was replaced by Tony Dragone in 2020 because he decided to go run a pizzeria.


Protecter of the group, Don Drago believes in respect, determination and, above all else, family. Those who disrespect his family soon learn that revenge is a dish best served in flames. His hobbies are protecting the family and going to the movies. His favourite foods are horse heads and pizza.


Don Drago is a fat purple dragon with a white underbelly and orange spikes running across his back, short front legs with tattoos close to the shoulders, and scars all over his body. He possesses an underbite, a single small light orange horn protruding from his snout, and a clutch of spikes on top of his head. He has tiny wings compared to his body, but he can fly as well as any other dragon.



  • S Tier prey
  • Shield Knights
  • Red dragons
  • Puffer birds
  • Lion birds
  • Red spiders
  • Poison spiders

Breakable ObstaclesEdit

  • Bone barriers



  • Decent amount of health
  • Can equip 3 pets
  • Can eat prey faster than Sparks


  • Slow
  • Weak
  • Hard to keep the multiplier up
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Trivia Edit

Don Drago has now been replaced by Tony Dragone.

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