"The dragon offer you can't refuse!"


Don Drago is the first M Tier dragon. It has a good range and can eat faster than Sparks,but is very slow.


Don Drago is a very fat and chubby purple dragon with a smooth white underbelly and orange spikes running across his back, short front legs with tattoos close to the shoulders and scars all over the body. He possesses an underbite on his jaw, a single small light orange horn protruding from his snout and a clutch of spikes on top of his head. He has very tiny wings compared to his body,but in-game,he can fly almost like any other dragon.



  • S Tier prey
  • Shield Knights
  • Red dragons
  • Puffer birds
  • Lion birds
  • Red spiders
  • Poison spiders

Breakable ObstaclesEdit

Giant Bones


  • Decent amount of health
  • Can equip 3 pets
  • Can eat prey faster than Sparks


  • Slow
  • Weak
  • Hard to keep the multiplier up
  • Painful to grind for
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