Draconis is the eleventh playable dragon in Hungry Dragon. He is the second XL Tier dragon and, until the update that added Goldheist, was the largest dragon in the game.

Not much is known about Draconis. He is a mysterious and powerful dragon of unknown origin, and remains something of an enigma to the others. Why this is, and how he got the various scars on his body, he has not yet disclosed.


Draconis is a very large dragon that is only surpassed by Goldheist and Umbra in size. He has six limbs, possessing four legs and two wings. He is charcoal grey in color with a white underbelly with a row of orange scutes running down his back, a crown-like crest of horns the same color as his scutes, a grey horn on the tip of his snout with another similar horn at the end of his chin and tattered wings that are a faded reddish-pink. He has two large white horns that resemble tusks, and several scars showing green flesh and the remnants of a broken chain hanging off his back leg, implying that he was at some point or another held captive but escaped.



  • All XS, S, M, and L Tier prey
  • Red ghost
  • Red mines
  • Golden Dragons
  • Monster Fish
  • Purple Ghosts
  • Small Mines

Breakable ObstaclesEdit

  • Ancient Rock Barriers
  • Bone Barriers
  • Ice walls (using Fire Rush)
  • Metal Barriers
  • Wooden Barriers


  • Good health pool
  • Strong bite so eats quickly
  • Fast for his size


  • Extremely low price
  • Easy target due to size
  • Struggles to fit in some places
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