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"Bioluminescent eel dragon with immense electrical power."

In-game description


Eelectrozoa is one of the first two Legendary dragons, added in the Legendary update. Its gameplay consists of quickly eating prey and maintaining high scores with its special ability before expiring after a short amount of time, since its health drain escalates quickly. In the game, Eelectrozoa is a cross between an electric eel and a serpent.


Eelectrozoa has a quite simple design. It is a long transparent blue serpentine dragon with electric effects and whisker-like protuberances growing across its body. Its most notable feature is the two A.M.P spheres located inside its body that light up when its Electric Beam is used. The head is small, with a big shield-shaped large horn located on the nose, white pupilless eyes, and a mouth full of small white teeth. Eelectrozoa is one of the only dragons to completely lack limbs.


Legendary dragons earn new abilities according to their main power as they level up. They also advance on Size tiers as they are improved.

Level 6[]

Eel power 1.png

Costs 10 Gems to unlock this level. Electric Beam rebounds to an additional enemy, if in range

Level 11[]


Can equip 2 pets and receives a 4x multiplier during Fire Rush.

Level 17[]

Eel power 2.png

Costs 20 Gems to unlock this level. Chance of explosion on Electric Beam impact, hitting multiple enemies

Level 22[]


Can equip 3 pets and receives a 5x multiplier during Fire Rush.

Level 28[]

Eel power 3.png

Costs 30 Gems to unlock this level. Electric Beam rebounds to 3 additional enemies, if in range

Level 33[]


Can equip 4 pets and 6x multiplier during Fire Rush.


  • all xxL prey

Breakable obstacles[]

  • Wooden barriers
  • Bone barriers
  • Metal barriers
  • Ancient barriers


  • Shoots lightning with high range that bounces between enemies at higher levels
  • Cheapest Coin cost of the Legendary dragons
  • Good in water
  • Easy to get high scores due to maintaining multiplier with Electric Beam
  • Easy to get coins


  • Slow boost
  • Low health
  • Fast health drain
  • Short Electric Rush duration
  • Upgrades cost Coins and Gems
  • Cannot fly into the Beyond without Boosting


  • The name Eelectrozoa is a portmanteau of the words eel, electro, and hydrozoa.
  • Eelectrozoa does not use the term "Fire Rush" during gameplay. Instead, "Electric Rush" is used and it breathes normal fire, though it shoots lightning bolts from its body instead of mouth.
  • The crackling electricity sound effect for Eelectrozoa's special ability does not appear to play on use until the player has entered and exited water.