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The Fire Rush is a in-game run feature and one of the most important Score mechanics. For the Fire Rush to start,the player needs to fill the orange Fire Rush bar at the bottom of the screen by eating prey. After the bar is filled, Fire Rush will be triggered and the dragon the player is currently using will start spitting fire and burning anything in it's direction, becoming invincible and with unlimited boost for a short amount of time. The Fire Rush allows the player to instantly kill any prey within their Size Tier Diet. The lower the tier, the more the player will have to hit a Troll with Fire Rush to kill it.

Charging the bar Edit

Firerush bar

Eating prey consecutively in short amounts of time or hitting bigger prey will cause the Fire Bar to charge faster. Eating a Red Pepper will greatly progress the bar.

Mega Fire Rush Edit

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The Mega Fire Rush is the powered version of Fire Rush. It is activated when the player has activated 8 Fire Rushes in one run. When activated, the Mega Fire Rush will burn any prey in front of the dragon regardless of the Size Tier. The Point income for killing prey is increased

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