Information Edit

Goblin Chompers are hostile plants that can only be eaten by XL and XXL size tiers dragons. They are immobile, but possess a large range to hit your dragon. They spawn in the Witch Tree and Shadow Caves. In Witch Tree, Chompers' main color is yellow and in Shadow Caves, they appear as a glowing red variant.

Behaviour Edit

Chompers are aggressive but immobile prey, they spawn sticked to a surface and stretch out in an attempt to bite the player if they get too close. They can be a nuisance and extra nasty if encountered in Shadow Caves. Getting bitten by a Chomper will cause the dragon to stop briefly and flinch in pain. They can take out large chunks of Health from smaller dragons.

Trivia Edit

  • Goblin Chompers appear to be inspired in Piranha Plants from the Mario franchise.
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