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  • This article has removed features which are now inactive or obsolete and is here for the sake of archiving.

Information Edit

Gold Fragments (or Gold Pieces) were a special type of currency. Their only purpose at first was to turn into Golden Eggs, until the release of Update 1.16. In the release of the Halloween Update, Gold Fragments were removed and went inactive. Existing Gold Fragments were converted in gems for the players as a form of consolidation and duplicate pets now give you coins.

Usage (Disowned, due to removal) Edit

Ways to obtain

  • Completing Legendary Missions
  • Getting a Pets duplicate
  • Participating Tournaments

Trivia Edit

  • Pets used to give you under 10 fragments, depending on the rarity, but later, common gave you 10 shards, rare gave you 50 shards, and epic gave you a massive amount of 100 shards.
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