Jawfery is the last L dragon and is a dragon type similar to Blaze, Don Drago, and Mad Snax.


Jawfrey is a wide,leaf green colored dragon with white underbelly and scars covering most of his body,as well as a heart tattoo on his front legs. He has a very large mouth full of scars,needle-like teeth and blood markings. Jawfrey's legs are big compared to the rest of his body and end on huge clawed paws with feline-like,light green pawpads. He is the only dragon with a total of four wings,that has purple wing tissues and dark purple colored wing fingers.



  • All xS, S, M, and L tier prey

Breakable obstaclesEdit

  • Wooden barriers
  • Bone barriers
  • Metal barriers
  • Ice blocks (with fire rush)


  • Excellent in The Beyond


  • Extremely expensive
  • Difficult to avoid obstacles with his large body (however his long legs do not trigger mines)


Jawfrey has the shape of a gronkle from how to train your dragon.

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