'"Sneaky mastermind and his half-brained twin...a dangerous duo."


Jekyll & Fried is the second M Tier dragon. Jekyll & Fried is a very good dragon for it's Size tiers. Their fire breath is medium sized when Fire Rush is active and the fire is produced by Fried while Jekyll rests as the Rush goes on. Jekyll is the only head that eats, probably hinting that Fried is too dumb to even attempt to catch prey.


Jekyll & Fried are conjoined twins,their main body color is dark purple,with light purple spots,very light purple underbelly and wing membranes,yellow slit eyes and yellowish orange spikes across their back,ending up on a classic dagger tail tip. They have a total of 6 arms/legs with 3 claws each. Fried's mouth is always open with his tongue poking out with a goofy braindead expression,and Jekyll's head is always giving a grumpy and sneaky look.



  • S Tier prey
  • Shield knights
  • Red dragons
  • Pufferbirds
  • Lionbirds
  • Red spiders
  • Poison spiders

Breakable ObstaclesEdit

Bone barriers


  • Big range
  • Speedy
  • Decent amount of health


  • Increased health drain
  • Speed increases chances of getting hit by mines
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