"An aggressive reptile with an appetite for chaos"


Mad Snax is a S tier dragon,being stronger, yet slower, than Nibbler. His health drain is 1.4 points per second. His fire breath range is medium sized when Fire Rush is active. Mad Snax is a average dragon,he can last longer than Nibbler but is easily killed by mines.

Bio Edit

"More than happy to let others do the thinking, Mad Snax has never been the brains of the operation. The classic henchman, he’s always ready to follow orders – provided they include chaos and destruction of course." - Site biography.

Mad Snax's official biography implies he is a gang member and a henchman. He has a taste for chaos and discord, which also implies that he has a twisted way of thinking. His hobbies are BBQ, fishing and Goblin golf. He enjoys eating fried piranha, as it is his favorite food.


Mad Snax is a small sized crocodilian looking dragon. His main body color is purple with a white plated underbelly, medium sized wings with yellow wing webs. Crimson spikes adorn his back and tail. Mad Snax's most notable feature is the two hooked fangs that sprout out of his lower jaw.



  • Xs tier prey
  • Owls
  • S tier enemy dragons
  • Horses
  • Hay pitchfork humans

Breakable ObstaclesEdit

Wood plank walls


Biohazard is the first skin for Mad Snax,it is very cheap and has much better look than the Classic Mad Snax.


The costume's base color is lime green and radioactive yellow,it is literally just a reskin with foggy efects. It also has plastic can holders stuck on it's leg and arm.


Captain Crunch is the second costume for Mad Snax,it is the first skin to cost gems and features a evil captain theme.


Captain Crunch's main color is red,with a light cream underbelly. The costume fashions classic captain clothes,a black pirate hat,shirt and sharp hook. The design is rather spooky.

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