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Mechamuncher is one of the first Legendary dragons added in the Legendary Update, along with Eelectrozoa. Like Eelectrozoa, it is unlocked after unlocking a Medium Dragon or up. If you boost, you get to shoot with its Gatling gun. It is for people that love to shoot things down rather than eating it physically. Very advantageous due to the range of the bullets. At its final level, it can also shoot lasers during boost.


Out of all the dragons, Mechamuncher looks the least like one, not even being reptilian in appearance. It has an underbite similar to Jawfrey’s, lightbulbs for eyes and patches of grey, brown, blue and red metal all over its body. Two, light green goblins are seen controlling it. It has fire coming out of its "feet", similar to a rocket. It also lacks a tail, rather having a pipe with smoke coming out of it.


Legendary dragons earn new abilities according to their main power as they level up. They also advance on Size tiers as they are improved.

Level 6[]

Mecha power 1.png

Costs 10 Gems to unlock this level. Shoots missiles when using Gatling Gun.

Level 11[]


Can equip 2 pets and receives a 4x multiplier during Fire Rush.

Level 17[]

Mecha power 2.png

Costs 40 Gems to unlock this level. Drops bombs when using Gatling Gun.

Level 22[]


Can equip 3 pets and receives a 5x multiplier during Fire Rush.

Level 28[]

Mecha power 3.png

Costs 60 Gems to unlock this level. Deploys drones that shoot prey when using Gatling Gun.

Level 33[]


Can equip 4 pets and 6x multiplier during Fire Rush, as well as shooting lasers during boost.


All xS, S, M, L, xL, and xxL tier prey.

Breakable barriers[]

  • Wooden Barriers
  • Bone Barriers
  • Iron Barriers
  • Ancient Barriers


  • Incredibly fast
  • High range due to machine gun
  • Perfect control when swimming - swims as well as it flies
  • High health
  • Minigun drone


  • So fast that it is difficult to control
  • Large body makes it easy to get hit by enemies, like Mines
  • Terrible at flying in the Beyond - flies low and plummets quickly
  • No resistance to air or water currents - cannot fly against them even when boosting


  • Mechamuncher is the only dragon in the game not to be a biological creature, rather being a mechanical creature with no mind of its own.
  • When diving underwater, its four thrusters transform into propellers, which help it to navigate easily underwater. As such, it can easily dive into the deepest part of the Shadow Lake.