"Small and mischievous with a nasty bite"


Nibbler is the smallest dragon in Hungry dragon. He is the first playable dragon. Nibbler has a very low sum of health and boost , and a health drain of 1.2 points per second. His fire breath range is really small when Fire Rush is active. He is only able to bring one pet.


An energetic troublemaker, Nibbler passes his time annoying and humiliating his long-suffering companions. The baby of the group, he deeply resents being called “cute” and will do anything to prove that he’s just as powerful as the others. Despite being technically a protagonist in-game, as he is a dragon and which means he is a focused character, he is mean and acts as an antagonist by humiliating others. His behaviour can be explained by his age. Hobbies: playing pranks, trolling trolls Favorite food: fried hot wings


Nibbler is a small dragon. His base color is light green, with a white underbelly and medium-sized yellow horns. His eyes are yellow with black slit pupils. His overall design is quite simple compared to the other dragons ingame.



  • Small birds
  • Humans
  • Sheep
  • Archers
  • Xs enemy dragons
  • Bats
  • Goblins
  • Winged gem pigs


Small Fry is the first and only costume for Nibbler. It presents a Master Chef theme with a touch of evilness. It is the current cheapest costume that costs coins.


Small Fry is similar to the Classic Nibbler, but with a dark grey color scheme, light grey underbelly and orange horns. The costume also fashions a long black mustache, a white chef hat, red bowtie and white chef apron that gives a fancy touch.

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