Poseidran is the first XL tier dragon, being the smallest, yet fastest of them all. She is a very good dragon for coin grinding, resisting hits and burning prey in a large area. Despite her aquatic look, Poseidran can't swim gracefully. Her name is a reference to the greek god of the oceans and seas, Poseidon. She is also known for her beauty and she is a second female dragon of xl tier.


Poseidran is blue serpentine dragon with a light cream underbelly and small gradient transparent wings. Her head is adorned by six orange colored horns and a total of six whiskers. Poseidran has blue fins and orange spikes running across her back and body.



  • All xS, S, M, and L tier prey
  • Carnivorous plants
  • Dunkleosteus
  • Monster fish
  • Purple ghosts
  • Small mines
  • Golden dragons

Breakable obstaclesEdit

  • Wooden barriers
  • Bone barriers
  • Metal barriers
  • Ancient Rock barriers
  • Ice walls (using fire rush)


  • Good for collecting money.
  • Can eat almost everything in-game.
  • Fairly good health.


  • She is a very big target for prey like piranhas.
  • She might not fit in gaps smaller dragons could fit in.
  • Not a very good swimming dragon.
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