Size tiers

Size Tiers are a special kind of category used to separate Dragons of different sizes. Dragons of the same size and Diet are kept in the same tier. The bigger the dragon, the bigger the quantity and range of their diet, bigger fire range as well as the increase of health and energy bar sizes. Bigger dragons can be obtained once you reach max Dragon Level at a certain dragon, and when the final level is met, the next dragon has it's price revealed making it buyable with Coins. Each Size Tier can break tougher Barriers. There are 6 Size Tiers and 13 dragons in Hungry Dragon, and each one of them is unique.

Tier xS (Extra Small)Edit


Breakable barriers:Edit

  • None

Tier S (Small)Edit


Breakable barriers:Edit

  • Wooden barriers

Tier M (Medium)Edit


Breakable barriers:Edit

  • Bone barriers

Tier L (Large)Edit


Breakable barriers:Edit

  • Metal barriers

Tier xL (Extra Large)Edit


Breakable barriersEdit

  • Ancient rock barriers

Tier XXL (Extra Extra Large)Edit

XXL button

Breakable barriersEdit

  • Ancient rock barriers
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